Surf’s Up

Surfset Fitness Board

The Surfset board. I’ve never surfed before, but I imagine this being about as close as I get.

As I sit staring out my window I think two things: Thank goodness I don’t live in Boston and I need to move further south.  We are currently under about a foot of snow (and under another winter storm warning), which for those from up North or from the East is nothing, here in central Kentucky it might as well be 5 feet.   The gym has been closed all week, so I’ve relinquished myself to eating girl scout cookies and trying to workout to the occasional DVD (eating the girl scout cookies has been successful, getting the DVD started and my bum moving has not been quite as successful).

Given that half the country or more is buried under snow with nothing but more snow and frigid temperatures on the way, I thought I might tell you about an escape you can have from the snow for 45 minutes and be working out. Surfset fitness.

Of course, by now you may know I’m a sucker for a good groupon. There just happened to be one for the local Surfset Fitness studio in town last month. I can’t swim (I know shocker!). Until I moved to Kentucky, I never lived anywhere that was warm enough to swim as much as people do in the Midwest and the South. I mean Washington isn’t exactly known for its beautiful sunny beach weather. So, I thought what better way in the middle of January to beat the winter blues than try out Surfset Fitness and also, for at least a few classes, pretend I can surf.

So, on a  Saturday morning, Amanda and I met up at the Surfset Fitness studio for a 30 minute balance class. I mean how hard could 30 minutes be?

We picked out our Surfset boards and waited patiently. It was Amanda’s second class but my first, and the instructor made sure to tell me that the Balance class is actually the hardest class they have. Oh great.

Surfset Lexington

As you can see, the Surfset Fitness Studio in Lexington is small. It allows for a more one-on-one feel during the class.

So we proceeded to do lunges and squats and mountain climbers oh my, all on this unstable surface. I had muscles working in places I didn’t know there were muscles. Being vertically challenged actually paid off for me; It was the first workout class I had taken with my friend Amanda where my short stature was a bonus over her never-ending legs. I had a lower center of gravity and could balance a little easier, but it still wasn’t  easy. After only 30 minutes on that board I could tell I got a good workout.

The following Monday we took the Blend class that combines balance and strength exercises. It lasted 45 minutes and again you felt every bit of the 45 minutes. The Blend class added exercises with resistance bands and weighted bars while balancing on the board. The classes were definitely hard and very challenging, but just like with anything else, you can go at your comfort level and do what you can do. In the classes that I attended there were people of all shapes and ages. The instructor had even mentioned that she had some of the local college basketball players take the class once to check it out.

The best part is that you get to come in out of the cold to workout on a surfboard with pictures of beaches and waves playing on the projection screen in front of you. If you so choose, you could let your mind wander and pretend you were on a beautiful beach somewhere for 45 minutes and not in a landlocked state with a foot of snow.

If you live in the Lexington, Kentucky, area I would definitely recommend trying a class. The first one is free so what do you have to lose? According to the Surfset website there are over 200 locations worldwide, so I’m sure you can find one near you.

Here’s to hoping that dang ground hog was wrong and this is our last week of winter. I’m ready for spring and Keeneland!


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