Spin Cycle


I’m back….I know you probably thought I had gotten a crazy book deal and have spent the last months writing away living out a dream. Truth is I fell into the blogging black hole; you have a great idea, write a few blog posts, and then fall off the wagon. I’ve been exercising leisurely and baking from a box…I know…gah using a box. But after a few months of floundering in the exercise department I have hopped back on the wagon…eh, saddle (along with everyone else based on the gym parking lot).


I decided what better way to get back in the cardio routine then to drop in for a beginner’s spin class at the gym. Keep in mind I’ve never taken a spin class. I’ve watched all the videos on YouTube and admired from a far. I somehow convinced my hubby, who is an experienced biker, to go with me (I think he just wanted a front row seat to my pain).

Showing up on a Wednesday night, I walked through the door, confident in my ability to survive this first class. I clearly oozed “I don’t belong” because the instructor was quick to help me adjust the bike. We get started, and the instructor begins “most all of our class today will be from the saddle.” My husband must have known what this meant because he looks at me and laughs.

I had heard that spin classes have crazy loud pump you up music…this spin class was DISCO music. It was a little hard to get into until about halfway through when the Bee Gees “Staying Alive” starts to play….oh how appropriate it was. So to recap, first spin class was set to disco music and spent entirely “from the saddle.” I didn’t have a special cushy seat cover and as you would imagine, my backside hurt worse than when I would decide I knew better than my mother as a child.

It’s like BuzzFeed knows exactly how I felt after that first class:


19 Things that Happen in Every Spin Class

Fast forward a couple weeks (yes it took a couple weeks for me to put the pain of that first class out of my memory), and I tried my second beginner’s spin class. This class went a little easier. It went well enough to make me think maybe spinning was for me, and I went back for a third round of punishment the next week.

I walked into this third class with a pseudo confidence…it was quickly shattered. We started class and my bike seat was apparently loose. The first half of the class my seat rocked back and forth and then it tilted back and you know, I almost slid off the back…no big deal. The kind guy next to me helped me readjust the seat. I fought it the rest of the class and was so relieved when the class was over.

I of course picked a bike along the back row of the room, and apparently my bike was near the waste basket. A quad stretch turned into me dropping my leg into the waste basket, knocking myself off balance almost into the lady and bike next to me and causing a disturbance to the quiet stretching….WINNING!

Don’t worry, I’ll go back to the spin class, and I will probably cause a commotion, but the idea is to push through the adversity. It really is a great workout and once you find an instructor you love, taking out a trash can and putting yourself through the ringer will all be worth it! And if not, just start singing…”Ah, ah, ah, ah, staying alive, staying alive.”


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