My sister Sarah on the left and I after completing our first (and only) half marathon

My sister Sarah on the left and I after completing our first (and only) half marathon

My love for baking started at a young age, probably about the time I received my first easy bake oven. There was just something about being able to whip up a batch of cookies and spread a little joy around that I instantly fell in love with. Fast-forward 20 years and my love of baking was beginning to catch up with me.

There’s a rough lesson a girl learns in her mid- to late 20s…your metabolism is no longer your friend. I had never been a regular exerciser (oh the things I would tell my younger self to do) and had always been a lover of food. My love of cupcakes, cookies, and all things laden with sugar had begun to slowly sneak up on me. Of course, like every intelligent person I know, I denied the fact that I should consume less sweets and exercise a little more. Insert graduate school and hours spent sitting on my rear studying and I had to choose….start exercising or live in yoga pants (of course I wasn’t going to do yoga in them) for eternity because I was too stubborn to entertain the idea of needing a bigger pair of jeans.

This website is meant to document the fitness struggle and embrace my love for all baked goods. Let’s be honest, no body actually looks likes those hard, ripped, perfectly sweating bodies selling you the latest Under Armour keep-cool, make-you-go-faster, be stronger, miracle workout capris. However, sometimes that workout is a little easier knowing that there is also someone out there that is struggling to get through, and it also helps to know you can try that amazing looking cupcake recipe once you endure a sweat session. At last, Squats for Cookies, is your destination for all things baking and for a good story or two about the latest workout session or spin class at the YMCA.


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