To the Guy next to Me on the Treadmill

Dear Guy next to me on the treadmill:

I know it’s that time of year when beggars can’t be choosers in regards to the gym equipment. Everyone is still in full-on New Year’s Resolution mode and it probably won’t let up for another couple of weeks, which led you to hop on the treadmill next to me.

I’m sorry.

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Toast to My Twenties

turning 30As I sit drinking what may very well be my last beer in my twenties while I wait for my DIY hair color to set on the eve of my 30th birthday, I can’t help but be a little sad (okay maybe more than a little), a little nervous, and a wee bit anxious.

It  seemed so far away as I’ve been steadily marching toward 30, but now 30 is beating my door down. I spent most of my 20s doing what society expects you to do in your 20s. I was privileged to get to go to college, meet amazing people, get a dog, get a degree, get a husband (in that order). After marriage and graduating twice by the age of 26, I took the leap into homeownership with my hubby and there I sat at 27 with my to-do list for my twenties checked off. I didn’t really have a “to-do” list for my twenties, but if you know me you know I love lists and organization and having everything in writing so I can proudly check it off. I’m the person you see in the grocery store with a printed grocery list, proudly scratching items off as I place them in my cart.

I digress. The point being, my twenties seemed pretty well mapped out for me. There were a few curve balls thrown my way. I never imagined I would be typing this blog post as a police officer’s wife, but I wouldn’t change it for the world; and I never imagined I would graduate with a degree into one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression, but alas what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

So here I sit, turning 30 tomorrow and I’m FREAKING out. I mean , what do I do in my 30s?!?! It’s like now I don’t get the choice of being an adult or a “free-spirit in her twenties”, but rather when you’re 30 you kinda need to do that thing they call “adulting.” While I drink my beer (which of course is a crafty fancy beer because I’m adulting and you don’t buy cheap beer as much), I can’t help but wonder what my 30s have in store and how appreciative I am for all the learning I did in my 20s.

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Spin Cycle


I’m back….I know you probably thought I had gotten a crazy book deal and have spent the last months writing away living out a dream. Truth is I fell into the blogging black hole; you have a great idea, write a few blog posts, and then fall off the wagon. I’ve been exercising leisurely and baking from a box…I know…gah using a box. But after a few months of floundering in the exercise department I have hopped back on the wagon…eh, saddle (along with everyone else based on the gym parking lot).


I decided what better way to get back in the cardio routine then to drop in for a beginner’s spin class at the gym. Keep in mind I’ve never taken a spin class. I’ve watched all the videos on YouTube and admired from a far. I somehow convinced my hubby, who is an experienced biker, to go with me (I think he just wanted a front row seat to my pain).

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Gluten-free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Blender Muffins

Gluten-free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins

The photo is from Averie Her photos are beautiful and the muffins taste as good as they look.

Okay, I have a slight obsession with baking and the recipes seem to always include a ton of the white stuff: Flour and Sugar. With so many people suffering from Celiac disease or practicing a clean eating diet, I wanted to include a Gluten-free baked good.

Not only is this recipe gluten-free, but you whip it up in the blender…soooo easy. These little muffins  taste so good and like the original author says, you really don’t even taste the banana. Since I made these so quickly I didn’t get any pictures, and even if I did they wouldn’t be as pretty as those on the Averie Cooks Blog.

You can get the recipe for these delicious gluten-free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Blender Muffins here. Enjoy!

Awesome M&M Cookies

Get your glass of milk ready. These cookies are great for dipping!

Get your glass of milk ready. These cookies are great for dipping!

Another weekend, another winter storm warning. It seems like this winter weather has hit Kentucky hard this week and just won’t let up. After the snow storm at the first of the week, I got my car out to go to work and back but our neighborhood streets  are still rough so it’s only essential driving. Given I’m at home with a lot of time on my hands, it only makes since to bake! I’m baking myself happy, trying to shake these winter doldrums.

I must admit, while everyone was out panicking last Sunday buying the local grocer out of eggs, milk, and bread, I was scouring the target shelves for clearance Valentine’s Day candy. I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. I’ve had a bad run of luck on Valentines: broken up with twice, a boyfriend ended up in the hospital with the flu, stuck in a snowstorm, and the granddaddy of them all…when my husband and I were dating he ended up having an emergency appendectomy on Valentine’s Day. Needless to say, I usually sit at home hoping nothing bad happens. But on February 15th I emerge from hiding to stock up on clearance Valentine’s candy.  M&M’s are usually in abundance, and who doesn’t love a good M&M cookie?

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Surf’s Up

Surfset Fitness Board

The Surfset board. I’ve never surfed before, but I imagine this being about as close as I get.

As I sit staring out my window I think two things: Thank goodness I don’t live in Boston and I need to move further south.  We are currently under about a foot of snow (and under another winter storm warning), which for those from up North or from the East is nothing, here in central Kentucky it might as well be 5 feet.   The gym has been closed all week, so I’ve relinquished myself to eating girl scout cookies and trying to workout to the occasional DVD (eating the girl scout cookies has been successful, getting the DVD started and my bum moving has not been quite as successful).

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